About us

"AKANSHA", meaning Aspiration , has emerged as a leading publishing house catering needs of aspirants of all sorts-academics, researchers, students, professionals, Policy-maker, administrators and commoners having quest for knowledge/learning. We have excelled in bringing out area/regionspecfic studies/literature.

Our future program, now turns to central, south and western regions of the country. We have planned to cover these areas intensively. Bona fide research reports/projects/manuucripts pertaining to these regions in all academic disciplines are welcome from academics, authers and editors.

You may reach us personally or though mail, phone and e-mail. Every proposal should be forwarded to us in the shape of ABSTRACT/SYNOPTIC NOTE on the work along with a brief resume of the Author/Editor. After assessing feasibility of Publication of the work concerned, You will be intimated about our decision within a fortnight.